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Welcome to the Liberty Theatre of Camas and Washougal

Liberty Theatre Main Auditorium

The Movie Ratings System

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Liberty Theatre “R” Rating Policy

Revised 8/5/15


We support and enforce the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) / CARA (Classification And Rating Administration) ratings system.  You must be at least 17 years of age or have your parent accompany you to view the movie. Valid ID's will be required to attend R-Rated or unrated movies with restricted content.


Additionally, so that R-Rated movies may be enjoyed in a more adult atmosphere, children under age 7, including infants will not be admitted to any R-Rated or restricted feature.

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What To Expect

When you arrive at the Liberty you will step back in time to the days of the grand movie palaces. Our 350 seat main auditorium offers comfortable seating. In June 2013 we installed state of the art 2K HD Digital Projection including 3D and a new digital sound system.

Our intimate Granada Studio Cinema features 29 seats on a stadium-style setting. The Granada has been upgraded to 2K HD Digital Picture and Digital Sound.   The name Granada was the original name of the Liberty when it opened on June 14, 1927.

Specialty Films and Events

The Liberty will offer a wide selection of Hollywood hits as well as more specialized films. Documentaries, Foreign Language Films and Film Festival Favorites including outdoor recreational films.


Our Mission

The Liberty is a classic theatre; we will strive to keep the look and feel of this downtown movie palace while adding comfort and additional amenities for our patrons.  Our company will be a partner with the community being actively involved with the Downtown Camas Association and the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce. 

Curious about where our company name, The Rootstock Capital Management LLC comes from?

We chose the name because of the history of European wine. In the mid-1800's a blight of phylloxera began destroying ancient grape vines in France and the way they combated the problem was to import American rootstock to graft to the French vines.  To this day the best French wines are still made from American rootstocks.  It was to be a metaphor for the fact that American free enterprise is still the rootstock for which all global commerce grows from.

Read more here on the great wine blight


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