Liberty Theatre | Camas WA | Midnight Family
Midnight Family () Release Date: January 24th, 2020
Runtime: 1 hr. 21 min.
Director: Luke Lorentzen
Genres: Documentary
In Mexico City, the Ochoas run a family-owned ambulance service, one of many private paramedic outfits addressing the massive civic void left when there are just 45 municipal ambulances serving a population that tops 9 million.

Living in circumstances only slightly less dire than those of the victims they treat and transport, the Ochoa family nightly faces the spectrums of urgency and boredom, honor and corruption, life and death—all with admirable resolve. Teenage Juan captivates as he helms the family’s ambulance, with his father, uncle, and younger brother rounding out the band of nocturnal rescuers who careen through Mexico City’s neon-noir streets evading dense traffic, competing paramedics, and dubious police. In director Luke Lorentzen’s bold and balletic vérité treatment, action, drama, humor, and pathos fill the screen while an ominous microcosm of health care and humanity plays out in stark relief. A suspenseful and vivid tale of subsistence, Midnight Family refers not only to the Ochoas but to the enduring community of, and connections among, those living and dying in the dark.

“Midnight Family is both a compassionate portrait of a working-class family and a frightening ride through a broken health care system.” – Monica Castillo, The Wrap

In Spanish with English subtitles
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