Liberty Theatre | Camas WA | Shazam! Fury of the Gods
Shazam! Fury of the Gods (PG-13) Release Date: March 16th, 2023
Runtime: 2 hr. 10 min.
Director: David F. Sandberg
Genres: Action/Adventure, SciFi/Fantasy, Comedy
Starring: Zachary Levi, Jack Dylan Grazer, Asher Angel, Rachel Zegler
Ends 3/30 - Billy Batson and the Shazamily are back, and this time they’re fighting two super-powered sisters hellbent on taking back the power of the gods. As if being a teenager weren’t hard enough, am I right? They might be able to transform into super-powered, super-buff versions of themselves by saying the magic word (Shazam, not please), but when you’ve got Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu with god-like powers and a dragon after you, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS brings back director David F. Sandberg, Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Adam Brody, and the rest of the god-powered gang to save the world yet again. They’re joined by new baddies Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu as the Daughters of Atlas, as well as Rachel Zegler hot off her debut in WEST SIDE STORY.
$9 for shows starting after 6 PM, $8 for matinees before 6 PM. $7 bargain shows on Tuesday.